Your special day is just around the corner? If so, stress is likely high and you feel concerned about it. Although the perfect wedding requires a lot of preparation, you should have a good time to relax and learn. Try to organize the following checklist you for your special day and have a good time.

1. Time management

It seems that you have all the time in the world, but when you start the preparations, you will discover that the time definitely not enough. Come with a preliminary plan and schedule to ensure that you will be able to cope with all that.

2. Scissors!

Cut clothes labels, make minor changes and remove labels – all of which will be impossible to complete if you do not have scissors.

3. Give your dress early

Do you have a really complex dress that requires a lacing or a button? It can be a good idea to dress early. Otherwise, you risk at the last minute possible in the emergency wedding dress runs.

4. Emergency Kit

Some basic elements can be helpful in the last hours before the ceremony. The emergency kit should contain sewing materials, hairpins, a replacement pantyhose, rubber bands and plenty of drinking water.

5. Prepare your body

Take early enough socks to make sure there are no marks on the skin. The same is true for your bra, especially if you go for a strapless wedding dress.

6. Delegate tasks!

Although you want to be responsible, the transfer of tasks to someone else’s hours will take less hectic schedule. Your parents, best man and maid of honor will all be there to help you and make your special wedding anniversary.

7. Have a photo management plan

What kind of photos you want and discuss these details with your wedding photographer in advance will result in wonderful pictures. Avoid taking too many shots with the parents and the guests because you are probably tired and bored at the end of the session.

8. Hats?

Your wedding photographer usually preferred for guests without a lid to come at the ceremony. If you choose this option, you will have the appropriate place of storage for these accessories.

9. Schedule for the ceremony

Allow yourself plenty of time to have fun with the guests and have photo sessions between the start of the reception and the upcoming celebration.

10. Do you have a reception line?

This option will facilitate the conversation with all guests. If you have many people come to the wedding, it will take time, however. Decide whether you would like to take this opportunity.

11. Who is responsible for the meeting?

Appoint someone to welcome the guests, give instructions and make sure that everyone sat before the ceremony begins.

12. Throwing Confetti

If this fun process occurs, make sure that it is organized in advance. Few people should be responsible for their execution.

13. Check the weather forecast

Is there a chance to rain? Look at the weather forecast in advance and think of a contingency plan for such situations.

14. Keep your make-up all day

Would you like to keep your beautiful lipstick on your lips all day? If so, you should wetting the glass top edge before you take a sip. In this way, no red lipstick is placed on the glass.

If necessary, bring your own checklist, speed up the planning and organize the wedding of your dreams. Taking the help of friends and relatives, it will be much easier for you to complete all the important steps before your beautiful ceremony.

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